SolarEnviro promotes solar power, drip irrigation and greenhouse equipment and technologies

About Us

where can i buy priligy in singapore We are engaged in providing turnkey solutions for Solar Power, Drip Irrigation and Greenhouses. We promote use of new technologies in our field of business and aim to help our clients take advantage of such technologies. We have built expertise in all of the three areas of our business and are capable of delivering customised solutions as per the needs of our clients. We partner with leading manufacturers and all our construction and installation materials are sourced from them.


All our products and services have a positive impact on the environment that surrounds you and also will help in cost reduction. Use of solar power for your home or business will help you in driving down electricity costs in the long run. Use of drip irrigation for your agricultural activities will help you in conserving water and saving costs. Use of Greenhouses will help you in increasing productivity of your plantation and agricultural activities.


Our goal is to provide exceptional work and service to our clients. We think our clients say it all. View their testimonials and contact us for more information.

Solar Energy

We provide complete installation solutions of solar power products for rooftop buildings and
turnkey solutions for solar power projects.

Drip Irrigation

We provide installation services for drip and sprinkler irrigation systems for landscapes, golf courses, sportsfields and horticulture crops.


We provide services for construction of greenhouses for farmers and gardeners to enhance plantation and agricultural activities.

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We have wide experience and industry knowledge in the solar power, drip irrigation, greenhouse and agricultural industry. We deliver customized solutions based on your requirements.
We use the best in class products and technologies in all our construction activities to deliver the quality products for you using the best practices. We provide solutions that are valuable to you and the environment.
All our products are sourced from industry leaders. We engage only with the best domestic and international manufacturers of products.
Get Your Own Solar Installation

Get Your Own Solar Installation

SolarEnviro will help you in the entire process of setting up and investing in a solar power plant and obtaining financial as well as environmental benefits.